Haaransatz schonend Färben

Dye hairline gently

Skilfully concealing the approach – now very easy

Especially people who dye their hair frequently struggle with this problem: the classic "root" that forms when the hair coloration "grows out". If the natural hair color and the dyed shade differ too much, the differently colored parting is particularly noticeable. But frequent colorations are expensive and put a lot of strain on the scalp. In order to bridge the time between two hair color treatments, temporary and reversible solutions are available that are gentle on the skin and can be used easily.

Simply cover an approach with the hair concealer

A hair concealer, for example, can be used to cover the roots. This pigment powder covers the hairline and is easy to use. Simply apply the hair powder to your roots and distribute it with the included sponge. In addition, you can apply it to the scalp to thicken the hairline. Especially people with generally thin hair and a light scalp benefit from this concealer. In this way, the time between two visits to the hairdresser can be stretched and the hair recovers from the strain of hair coloring.

Dense hairline and volume: The hair fibers help!

When thin hair lies flat and lacks volume, many hairstyles don't look half as great. That's why it's important to create a certain volume in the hairline. If you combine the hair concealer with hair fibers, the hairstyle immediately looks fresher and more dynamic. To do this, simply apply a small amount of hair fibers to the parting and fix it with the fixing spray. The small cotton fibers cling to your hairline giving it natural fullness and volume.

Great coverage and a fresh approach with the hair thickening spray

It is particularly easy to cover an approach that is growing out with the hair thickening spray. This consists of natural minerals and is available in various colors. The spray holds up equally well in sports, wind and weather and is ideal for a relaxed and natural look. Even covering gray hair is child's play. A light hairline can be easily covered with the right Fidentia products. You can easily bridge the time until your next visit to the hairdresser without having to hide an unsightly hairline.