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Hide receding hairline

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Receding hairline - what to do?

Receding hairline is the most common hair problem in men. Young men in their early 20s are very often affected by this phenomenon. Receding hairline not only makes you significantly older, but also makes it difficult to style your hair and restricts the selection of a hairstyle that suits you. A visit to the hairdresser amounts to a stylistic tightrope walk: not too long, because that emphasizes the irregular hairline even more; not too short to discreetly cover the bare corners. The result is a purely pragmatic hairstyle choice that allows little consideration for personal style or current trends. And even an appropriate haircut only solves the problem to a limited extent - a more effective method is needed.

Receding hairline – Michael (35) reports on his problem

Michael (35): "It started for me very early: Even in my late teens, my friends predicted that sooner or later I would go bald. Because even then I had recognizable receding hairline. Thankfully, that prediction hasn't come true so far, but my receding hairline has visibly increased since then. At some point, the small flaw turned into a real annoyance. Every morning I tried to hide my receding hairline as much as possible through sophisticated styling. That worked more badly than well – with the result that I was in a bad mood in the morning on many days because of it.”

The solution: a combination of hair fibers and concealer

Michael has now found a simple and inexpensive solution to his receding hairline problem: the combination of hair fibers and concealer. Both products complement each other. The hair fibers thicken the existing hair in the area of ​​the receding hairline - this makes it easier to conceal them. This is made easier by the additional concealer. This is a special powder for toning the scalp so that it no longer shines through. Application is quick and easy: first apply the concealer with a sponge, then apply the hair fibers to the area to be concealed. Then spread it with your fingers and seal it with a fixing spray. By the way: we offer both products in a practical effective duo set.