our philosophy

It is well known that beauty is such a thing. It is interpreted very individually what is beautiful, how much is too much and vain and how much is too little and therefore neglected and unkempt. We believe that as much as people are different, they also have a lot in common. We naturally have a certain aesthetic awareness, i.e. the ability to judge beauty. And of course, beauty is not only found in material things that we can perceive with our senses. As the writer Antoine Saint-Exupery put it:

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Although appearances are not meant to be important, they do play a role. We often act insecure, grim, or withdrawn when we are at odds with our reflection and are plagued by insecurities. On the one hand, we understand Fidentia as a lifestyle that understands aesthetics as described and actively lives by bringing out the beautiful. Instead of wise words, “remedies” often help quickly and easily. Therefore, we have made it our goal to select from this large number of (sometimes only allegedly) beauty-promoting means, those which, to the best of our knowledge and to the best of our conscience, keep the promises, also make them available at the best possible conditions and communicate honestly. We believe that with our selection of products we can contribute to individual self-confidence and give confidence. We therefore deliberately chose the Latin word "Fidentia", which is translated as:

Fidentia (lat.) – Confidence, self-confidence

We have no claim that the products we offer would universally help everyone to do this. In fact, people are too different for any product to honestly promise that. Rather, we want to provide the necessary information transparently and completely, to enable the customer to weigh and decide individually to the best of his conscience.

We see no conflict in fulfilling a social purpose and operating economically as a company. In fact, it is precisely in this purpose that we see the possibility of being part of the economic system and of earning the livelihood of the participants of this company with the company.

Best regards

Michael Mallek, Samuel Weihrauch and Marcel Mallek