Stylingtipp für eine vollere Haarlinie

Styling tip for a fuller hairline

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The ultimate styling tip for a fuller hairline

When you tie your hair together, thin hair can reveal light spots, especially at the temples. With the Fidentia Hair Thickening Fibers (also known as hair fibers or fiber fibers), you can now quickly and specifically conceal shimmering hair sections. You can see how this works in the following video:

Women with thin hair often face the problem of finding the right hairstyle. Long hair worn loose can quickly look stringy. Draping or braiding small strands in the appropriate places can help conceal small areas of translucency. A fringe covers a high forehead and is particularly recommended for a receding hairline. However, due to time constraints, the problem cannot always be solved with a sometimes complex hairstyle. In that case, there is a faster and more effective solution.

Thickening your hair is so quick and easy!

With our Fidentia hair building fibers hair thickener set, you can in just a few minutes the best, thickening finish receive! Bald spots in the hair will no longer be visible, try it yourself, the result is really amazing!

And here are the most important questions and answers about hair fibers:

How do the Hair Fibers work?
The fiber fibers are obtained from natural cotton, which is electrostatically charged during production. During use, the fibers stick to the hair without weighing it down.

How long does the hair fibers stay in my hair?
The hair thickening with the Thickening Fibers lasts until the next hair wash!

How do I make the right color choice?
Based on experience, we recommend going for the darker tone. Keep in mind that the hair fibers are applied directly to the scalp. So it should match the hair color at the roots. If you are still unsure, please contact us at You are also welcome to send us a photo of your hair color or hair situation, we will find an individual solution for every customer!

How long does a hair fiber can last?
Of course, this depends entirely on the amount of use and frequency. If only the hairline is thickened every now and then, a small can will last for several months. If compacted daily or over a large area, a small can lasts approx. 3-4 weeks.