Walker Scalp Protector

Walker Scalp Protector

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Transparent protective film

✓ Extends the sticking time

✓ Facilitates cleaning

✓ Protects the scalp

✓ Genuine Walker Tape

✓ Prevents irritation

Walker Scalp Protector
Optimizes the durability of the glue

  • PROTECTS SCALP - Prevents irritation and allergic reactions from glue
  • TRANSPARENT PROTECTIVE FILM – facilitates subsequent cleaning
  • OPTIMIZES THE HOLD - extends the adhesive life, especially in high humidity (sports, sauna, swimming, humid climate zones)

The glue can detach from the second hair at an early stage due to greasy skin or heavy and increased sweating, for example during sports or due to changed climatic influences. The Walker Scalp Protector optimizes the durability of the adhesive and at the same time protects against skin irritation thanks to a transparent protective film between your skin, the adhesive and the second hair.