Fidentia brush applicator

Fidentia brush applicator

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✓ Precise incorporation of powder products

✓ Vegan synthetic hair

✓ Specially designed brush shape

✓ Made in Portugal


The Fidentia applicator brush was specially made for the Fidentia Hair Shader Powder

Hair thickening fast, precise and effective

  • SPECIALLY DEVELOPED BY FIDENTIA - The Fidentia brush applicator was specially manufactured for the application and easier incorporation of hair thickening products for bald and light areas on the head or beard.
  • THE SPECIAL SHAPE - makes this brush a precise tool accessory for hair thickening.
  • HIGH-QUALITY SYNTHETIC FIBERS - cylinder-like and firmly pressed into the real wood handle. The special shape enables precise and soft incorporation of the powder but also large-scale and even application.
  • FAST AND PRECISE HAIR THICKENING - use the brush applicator to distribute and blend hair thickening products even better and more precisely.
  • MADE IN PORTUGAL - we support family businesses that still value quality.

We have developed a special brush applicator so that even more natural hair thickening results can be achieved. The elaborate brush shape and the brush head, which is densely filled with vegan brush hair, enables you to work in the powder both precisely and extensively and to blend it naturally.

We at Fidentia value sustainability and are against animal testing and animal cruelty. During the development of our shader brush, we decided against a brush head made of animal hair. Many similar brush products from China contain animal hair obtained under dire conditions. We do not want to support this and therefore rely on small family businesses in Europe.

Our brush applicator is handmade with love in a small family business in Portugal. Using it with vegan synthetic hair has no different or even worse effect on the use of the product and does not affect the end result. The handle material consists of high-quality, durable beech wood and is provided with an elegant engraving.