Fidentia Caffeine Shampoo High Performance

Fidentia Caffeine Shampoo High Performance

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Strong active complex against hair loss

✓ Works against dandruff & redness

✓ With Niacinamide, Zincidone and Octopirox

✓ Effective active complex of caffeine & biotin

✓ Without parabens & silicones

✓ Made in Germany


Fidentia Caffeine Shampoo High Performance

The shampoo with the extra high caffeine content for a strong effect on hair loss
(free of parabens and silicone)

  • High proportion of active ingredients - The active complex consisting of caffeine and biotin is particularly highly dosed to support hair growth
  • Against dandruff and redness - therefore also suitable for daily hair washing if there is no hair loss
  • Made in Germany - certified raw materials are mixed together to make our shampoo in the shortest possible way by a German company
  • Suitable for all hair types - whether male or female, thin or flaky hair, our shampoo is suitable for everyone.

The Fidentia caffeine shampoo with an extra high caffeine content, made with the active complexes niacin and octopirox, reduces hair loss and works against greasy hair, dandruff and itchy scalp. Due to a very high caffeine content, the shampoo works particularly well.

Our new double action caffeine shampoo reduces hair fall and fights greasy hair, dandruff and itchy scalp. OCTOPIROX(R) combats acute foci of inflammation of the scalp and thus prevents dandruff. The combination of ZINCIDONE(R) and niacinamide strengthens hair growth, their absorption in the scalp is enhanced by the circulation-enhancing effect of caffeine. Salicylic acid prevents the hair from becoming greasy too quickly. This high-quality product is rounded off by optimally coordinated washing and care substances from current hair research.