Haarverlust bei der Entfernung von Extensions

Hair loss when removing extensions

Make sure you only use professional accessories - because extensions with the right material are not harmful to the hair

Hair extensions are a popular choice to make hair look longer and fuller. There are many different types of hair extensions, from tape-in ​​and keratin bond extensions to micro ring and clip-in hairpieces. But when it comes time to remove the hair extensions, problems can arise, especially when your own hair becomes damaged or comes loose.

Customers often make the mistake of blaming the hair problem on the solvent or bond remover instead of considering the products that affect the hair and scalp for weeks or months. It's important to understand that bond releasers sit on the scalp and hair for only a few minutes and typically have no long-term effects on your own hair.

It's important to note that hair extensions, especially tape-in ​​and keratin extensions, are often made in China. Many of these products contain unsafe ingredients that may not have been certified or properly tested. The daily wear and tear of tapes and adhesives causes these ingredients to transfer to the hair and scalp. This can lead to skin irritation, itching and even pain. People with sensitive skin in particular should be careful when using tape-in ​​extensions or keratin bonding.

In addition to the chemical effects, hair extensions can also have mechanical effects on the natural hair and hair roots. Hair that is particularly weak can become detached from the head during the removal and replacement of hair extensions. The constant exposure to tape and glue extensions can damage the hair and roots, leading to hair loss.

To avoid these problems, it is important to pay attention to quality and safety when choosing hair extensions. Choose products that are made in Europe and consist of safe, certified and quality-controlled ingredients. Fidentia products are a great choice as they are made from 100% quality tested and certified ingredients and are manufactured under German manufacturing standards and inspections.

When selecting our skin adhesive and tape products, not only a firm hold was important to us, but especially skin compatibility and a gentle removal for your extensions or hairpiece. That's why we only carry original goods from proven traditional manufacturers, such as Walker Tape or Prohairlabs in our selection. The pollutant-free adhesives guarantee safe use, which thousands of users around the world have had positive experiences with.

Always make sure that you only use professional accessories and high-quality adhesive materials for the incorporation of your extensions. When removing, it is also advisable to use only well-known solvents, such as those made in Germany Fidentia tape and bonding remover to use, which remove the glue residue-free, safely and easily from the hair. This protects what is most important: your scalp, your own hair and the durability of your extensions or your second hair.