Haarausfall mit diesem unglaublichen Trick Kaschieren

Conceal hair loss with this incredible trick

Fast hair thickening without much effort - enjoy life again

Not all people have been blessed with thick, thick hair—regardless of age and gender, all groups of people have problems with thinning or thinning hair. Due to a thin hair structure, such as that of flat hair, or a very light hairline, even young people often think about thickening their hair. But especially in younger age groups, the problem is taboo - many only know surgical hair thickening. However, hair thickening does not have to be expensive and tedious - complex hair transplants and overpriced miracle cures are usually cumbersome solutions that take a lot of time and pain.

A hair filler that keeps what it promises

Tanja (designer), 29: "In my line of work, it's really not easy to publicly admit your problems. If you design fashion yourself and are in a world where perfectionism is everything, a lighter approach is really uncomfortable. My physical appearance is very important to me and that's why I often suffer from having thin hair. Sure, naturally blonde hair is really great, but especially when I wear a ponytail or a braided hairstyle, you can see my scalp at the base - and it really doesn't look nice. But I never thought about a hair transplant because it is not only expensive but also painful. Hairpieces have also never worked particularly well on blond, thin hair. That's why I was really happy when my hairstylist recommended Fidentia to me - since then I can do everything with my hair again without seeing my scalp shining through. Use the hair thickener in the morning and look good all day - no matter how long I'm in the studio."

Beautiful hair in all its fullness thanks to Fidentia hair thickeners

Surgical hair thickening was out of the question for Tanja, like many others - but instead of suffering from her thin hair, she decided on the Fidentia hair thickening spray. The spray is a good alternative to hair fibers, especially for light hair. The individual fibers of the spray create a volume film around the natural hair. Not only can Tanja enjoy styled and visibly fuller hair throughout the day, but the hair filler also gives the hair more volume thanks to its added minerals. “With a braid, I also dab the hair shader here and there to cover up the areas that are shining through. This completes my thick hair styling.”