Der Effekt kosmetischer Haarverdichtungen

The effect of cosmetic hair thickening

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Amazingly effective and yet subtle

Although it is as easy to apply as ordinary cosmetic products, cosmetic hair thickening shows an exciting effect immediately after application.

Optical solution to hair problems with great psychological, calming effect For many people, like me in the past, cosmetic hair thickening has become a daily styling ritual. They don't want to miss the effect of thick, full hair. Although it is only an optical solution to hair problems, the psychological effect should not be underestimated and so it is not surprising that many people use the remedy not only for special occasions. You feel less observed, safer and more comfortable. As a young man in my early 20s, I wouldn't have wanted to do without it and I can understand anyone who feels the same way - whether male, female, old or young. Safe through everyday life In everyday situations, when used correctly, you can feel really confident with hair thickening. I never got into an embarrassing situation and you don't read anything about it in forums either, although hair fibers and spray hair (hair thickening sprays) have been known there for a long time and discussed intensively. Of course, individual fibers can come loose, but the effect itself remains even with intensive use such as sports or light to moderate rain. All hair thickeners are designed so that they don't flow down like mascara and only really come off with shampoo. However, it is important that you are not overly critical of yourself and the drug. No one is going to inspect you and look at your hair up close unless you're constantly wondering if it's all "invisible." Even up close, hair thickening is barely visible as such. You gain a new, fresh look. Show that off too and you'll get compliments. Before and After Gallery – Hair Fibers / Hair Thickening Fibers + Hair Thickening Gel All photos shown here are in their original condition. As a long-time user, I can confirm the effect. I would love to visit you all and show you. Since this is not possible, I can at least encourage you to take heart and try it out. Please read the information to consider whether it is a solution for you. We try to provide as open and extensive information about the products as possible. Best suited for cosmetic hair thickening – initial hair thinning Cosmetic hair thickening works best on evenly thinned areas and fine hair. Here the fibers find enough support and the hair powder finds enough hair to thicken. The transition to real untreated hair remains unobtrusive and the agents are applied quickly and easily. Possible with advanced hair thinning In the case of very thin, thinning hair, the successful application of cosmetic hair thickening requires your willingness to practice and learn with the product. However, provided that this is the case, unique results can be achieved and a lot of effort and costs compared to other solutions such as a second hair or a hair transplant are spared. The combination of hair thickening fibers and hair thickening powder or gel works best for advanced hair loss. Some photos that you will find on the internet about cosmetic hair thickening are very amazing and hard to believe. And yet I can fully confirm the result as can be seen in the following photos. A lot of hair that one has only becomes visible after it has been treated with a hair thickener. Very fine hair and downy hair are colored, thickened and compacted through the application and thus appear. The less your own hair density is, the less support the hair thickening has. With a little practice and fixing spray, however, you can easily get through everyday life. The effect of hair thickening spray Hair thickening sprays are very effective and can also be used particularly well on the sides. For many, using a spray is emotionally more pleasant than fibers. The spray has a rather matt effect, but has particular advantages on light hair, as can be seen in the following photos. Final Tips Be gentle with hair thickening. Many users like me tend to make the hair look thicker and thicker over time. Making the scalp completely opaque can be unnatural. In this case, less is more. Don't go all the way to the hairline so the transition looks natural. You can make the result even more natural if you start at the back of the head and apply less and less towards the front.