Walker Base Tape

Walker Base Tape

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Only selected quality from the industry leader

✓ Genuine Walker Tape

✓ 1-7 days hold

✓ 6 yards = approx. 548cm

✓ Transparent

✓ Medium hold


Walker Base Tape One-sided transparent adhesive tape for wigs, toupees and wefts

  • THE BASE TAPE PROTECTS Swiss-Lace or Thin Skin wigs or toupees from tears and holes.
  • ONE-SIDED ADHESIVE & TRANSPARENT - unlike conventional tapes, this adhesive tape is only adhesive on one side. It is 2.5cm wide.
  • EXTENDS WEARING TIME - sensitive areas of a hairpiece can be reinforced with the wig tape.
  • ORIGINAL FROM WALKERTAPE - sourced and licensed directly from the manufacturer in the USA.
  • Can be combined with all standard Walker Tape adhesive rolls and adhesive strips.

Protect fine Swiss lace or thin skin from tears

With the Walker Tape Base Tape you can reinforce the edges of the hairpiece or wig and protect it from tears. Existing holes or cracks can also be repaired with the single-sided adhesive tape. The non-stick surface is specifically designed to accept tape or bond glue.

It is even possible to increase a hairpiece with separate pieces using the base tape. Therefore, when clipping a new hair piece, do not throw away the excess part. With this method, you can extend the wearing time of your hairpiece or wig by a few more weeks.