Fidentia 4-sided mirror
Fidentia 4-sided mirror
Fidentia 4-sided mirror

Fidentia 4-sided mirror

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Facilitates the application of hair thickeners on the back of the head

✓ 4-sided folding pocket mirror

✓ Handy format

✓ Also ideal for on the go

✓ See every angle of the hairstyle

✓ Suitable for all hair thickeners


Fidentia hair compactor mirror

Top and back of the head Hair thickening and styling made easy with this cosmetic mirror

  • Due to its small, handy format and its light weight, the practical hand mirror is ideal for concealing thinning hair with hair thickening agents.
  • 4-fold fold cosmetic mirror. Space-saving and practical at the same time.
  • Foldable and lightweight. Ideally suited for on the go. The free hand can be used perfectly for styling and for applying Fidentia building fibers and other hair thickeners.

How do others see the back of my head? With the Fidentia hair thickening mirror you can see for yourself. Whether at home or when travelling; With the four-sided, foldable Fidentia pocket mirror, you always have a mirror at hand to quickly and easily apply cosmetic hair thickening to the back of your head or to the sides. Whether hair fibers, hair thickening spray or hair concealer, everything can now be applied in the right place. Styling can also be carried out optimally with this, one hand always remains free. The practical cosmetic mirror is also great for people who wear a second hair. This gives you an overview of all parts of the head and you can correct and conceal any faux pas during attachment or protruding adhesive strips and extensions.