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Professionally remove the hair system

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How to safely remove your hair fall from your head without damaging it

Glad you found us to look for the best and safest way to correctly remove your hair system. To help you safely remove a hair fall from your head without damaging it, here are some tips and tricks for safely detaching hair systems held in place with skin glue.

Removing hair systems with skin adhesives

First you need to remove the hair system from the scalp. The method of doing this may change depending on the type of remover used. When choosing the right adhesive remover, make sure it is safe for the skin.

Oil-based glue remover

Begin by removing the bonded area with an oil-based remover such as the Walker C-22 Solvent to soak. This causes the adhesive effect to give way.
The "switching off" of the adhesive effect begins almost immediately. The time it takes to fully release could depend on how much has built up on the scalp. You may need to test it a few times by gently tugging on the system to see if it has come loose.

Alcohol based remover

You use an alcohol-based remover by applying it generously to the adhesive surface. Then wait about 30 seconds. You need to reapply it and then wait another 30 seconds. You can then carefully lift the system off the scalp. If you prefer to use an alcohol-based remover, we recommend using that Try Walker Lace Release .

Water based remover

To use a water-based remover, the adhesive to be removed must also be water-based. Otherwise, you'll need to use either an alcohol-based or an oil-based option.

As with the other removers, when using water-based removers, start by soaking the bonded area. For example, you can use the Ghost Buster Bond Remover to use. Now wait about 10 seconds for the remover to take effect. After some time, you can start removing the system. You may need to repeat these steps a few times to ensure no residue is left behind.

Removing glue residue on the skin

Once you have removed the system from the scalp, there will still be some adhesive residue left on the skin. Luckily most of our removers are skin safe so you can use these to remove any remaining residue. Again, how you do this will depend on what type of removers you use.

Oil based remover

To remove adhesives with oil-based removers, simply spray the remover onto the area. Give this a little time to loosen the remaining adhesive residue. After that, all you have to do is wipe away the residue. Then simply shampoo your own hair (preferably with a Deep Cleansing Shampoo ) and rinse. You can repeat these steps to ensure that all of the glue residue from the skin has been removed from your own hair.

Alcohol based remover

Alcohol-based removers are just as simple and easy to use as our oil-based options. To do this, spray the remaining adhesive residue with the remover again. Give this about 30 seconds to switch off the effect of the glue. You can also use the Fidentia Bonding Solver to use. You can then wipe off the adhesive and shampoo and rinse your own hair. Here, too, we recommend you for a thorough cleaning, the  Fidentia Deep Cleansing Shampoo to use. Repeat these steps if there are leftovers.

Water based remover

As mentioned above, these removers are really best used with water-based adhesives only. To remove the residue, you need to spray the affected area thoroughly with the adhesive remover. Now give it about 10 seconds to take effect. After that, you can carefully try to wipe away the residue. Then just your own hair with a deep cleansing shampoo , eg the PHL #5 Clarifying Shampoo wash and then rinse.

When removing adhesive residue from skin, it is even more important to use a skin-safe remover. After all, the product is in direct contact with your skin. So be sure to take a look at our suggestions listed above. They are all tested for skin compatibility.

Removing glue residue from the hair system

After you have removed the system and the adhesive residue from the scalp, there is likely to be some adhesive left on the hair system. You must remove this residue to ensure you can properly reuse the hair system.

Oil based remover

To remove adhesive with oil-based removers, all you really need to do is follow the instructions above.

You need to spray the remover on the area with the glue, give it some time and then wipe it away. Then you must also shampoo and rinse the second hair. For this we recommend using our Deep Cleansing Shampoos . It helps loosen the glue stuck to the second hair.

Alcohol based remover

Again, this is all very similar to the earlier instructions. All you have to do is spray the remover onto the hair system and then wait about 10 seconds. Then wipe away. Again, you should shampoo and rinse the system afterwards. Our Fidentia Deep Cleansing Shampoo was developed precisely for this purpose.

Water based remover

All you have to do here again is spray the remover onto the adhesive, give it 30 seconds and then wipe it away. Again, make sure you do it with a deep cleansing shampoo shampoo and rinse.

Soak in solvent

Another way to get rid of the glue residue in the hair system is to soak it in solvent. This soak involves more aggressive solvents, so this works best when the hair system has been completely removed from your head.

To perform a solvent soak, first fill a large bowl or sink with remover liquid. Then insert the system with the base side facing up. Keep the system submerged and wear gloves to keep your hands from direct contact with the solution and work off the accumulated adhesive. Then make sure to use the hair system with a deep cleansing shampoo shampoo and rinse to ensure all solvent is removed.

The solvent we recommend for this type of soak is not skin safe, so try not to get this in contact with your skin. Our best solvent for this is the Rapid Release because it is our fastest acting solvent. Think after washing with that Fidentia Deep Cleansing Shampoo Remember to let the system air dry to keep it in top condition. Use some of ours after washing or in between Fidentia Argan Leave In Conditioner or the Ghost Mist Argan Spray to restore the shine of the hair system.