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The effect of hair fibers

This hair thickener creates very good results with evenly thinned and fine hair. The fibers find enough support here and the hair powder finds enough hair to thicken it. The transition to your own hair remains unobtrusive and the means are applied quickly and easily.

The effect of hair thickening sprays Hair thickening sprays are very effective and can also be used particularly well on the sides. Many feel it is more pleasant to use a spray than fibers. The spray has a rather matt effect, but has special advantages on light hair, as you can see in the following video. The effect of the hair shader The hair shader is a hair thickener that can be applied very precisely and which impresses with its excellent hold even when wet. You can even trace a hairline with it, although you should be careful not to apply the powder too heavily and only use it to draw a light shadow on the scalp. The hair concealer is also suitable for concealing a growing hairline.

A comparison of hair shader and hair shader powder: