6 Tipps gegen statisch geladenes Haar

6 tips against static hair

A few first aid tips against charged hair

Static, flying hair is annoying. Who does not know it? You brush and press the hair, but it doesn't stop standing out. It is important to know why this is so and what causes this:

1. A silicone-rich, polymer-containing care routine, for example, increases the "plastic concentration" in the hair itself. The hair thus tends to become more charged.
2. Stressed, thin or damaged hair caused by strenuous styling or frequent coloring also tends to lift faster.
3. At certain times of the year, the dry air and increased friction on textiles (hats, scarves, etc.) greatly encourage static charging.
4. Plastic and polyester in clothing or shoes also encourage flyaways.

In order to counteract these factors in the long term, rich, moisturizing care necessary. Through increased hydration in the hair, the static charge decreases. Keep this in mind especially in the winter months. Our anti-static brush can certainly reduce this, but once charging is in full swing it can also be aggravated by brushing through (any brush).

We still have you here a few first aid tricks compiled for in between:

1. Press through the bristles of the brush with a cosmetic or drying towel, this will neutralize the electrical charge.
2. Spray a little hairspray (e.g Mane fixing spray ) over the brush (and possibly also over your hair). It relieves static without sticking.
3. Rub in a little good quality hair oil (e.g. our Extensions Elixir ) in your hands and run it through the lengths. The more oily hair products you use, the less your hair will lift.
4. Special ion blow dryers neutralize the positive ions in the hair.
5. Rich hair masks, care sprays (e.g. our 2-phase argan conditioner ) and conditioner (e.g. our sensitive extension shampoo and hair conditioner series) store more moisture and oils in the hair.
6. If you have to struggle with charged hair on the way, it is also sufficient to rub some hand cream and run it through your hair or briefly moisten your hands with water and run them along the hair at a distance of 1 cm.

An anti-static brush alone won't eliminate static in many cases, but with these tips, flyaway hair should be a thing of the past. If you still have difficulties, please feel free to contact us. We always strive to guarantee our customers high quality and satisfaction and to find individual solutions together.