No Sweat antiperspirant for the scalp

No Sweat antiperspirant for the scalp

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Extend the wearing time of your replacement hair with No-Sweat from Pro Hair Labs

✓ Antiperspirant for the scalp

✓ Prevents sweat secretion

✓ For an absolutely secure hold of your second hair

✓ Harmless and effective formula

✓ Very economical in use


No Sweat Antiperspirant - A must-have for all sporty hairpiece wearers and for everyone in the hot season

  • Antiperspirant for the scalp
  • Stops sebum secretion
  • Prevents sweat secretion
  • Simple application
  • Very economical in use

This revolutionary scalp antiperspirant from Professional Hair Labs is a harmless and effective formula that allows you to stop the scalp's natural production of sweat and sebum long enough to allow the glue to dry out completely.

No Sweat is not only very economical to use, it is also inexpensive. A really good investment if you sweat a lot and want an absolutely secure hold for your second hair. This means that you can do more intensive sports with a feeling of security without drastically reducing the wearing time. One or two squirts are enough.

The investment in this pre-treatment therefore pays for itself by extending the cleaning intervals and thus saving expensive additional products.