Fidentia style sponge applicator - 10 pieces
Fidentia style sponge applicator - 10 pieces

Fidentia style sponge applicator - 10 pieces

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Ideal for precise incorporation of cosmetic products and adhesives

✓ Reusable

✓ Economical & targeted application

✓ 2 flat sides & 1 stable edge

✓ Economical pack of 10

✓ Fine-pored material


Fidentia swab sponges 10 pieces
Now simply and cleanly apply hair shaders or bonds

  • The right tools for very precise incorporation of the Fidentia hair shader, glue or make-up
  • Economical and targeted attachment
  • Fine-pored material - two flat sides & stable edge
  • reusable

Clean fingers, neat hair

Everything is better with the right tools. Appropriate accessories are indispensable, especially when working with great precision. This applies to cosmetics and make-up as well as to the perfect look with a second hair.

As simple as they look, their application is as versatile: With the dab sponges from Fidentia, you can wear the hair shader sparingly and purposefully and attach them to the right places. The individual sponges are very fine-pored and each have two flat sides and a stable edge. This allows you to work in a precise and limited way as well as treat larger areas with ease. The reusable sponge sticks are available in inexpensive packs of ten.

Finally work accurately and without spills

"Since I've been using the Fidentia swab sponges, it has become much easier to glue my hairpiece together," confirms Willi (60) of the usefulness of the swab sticks. "The glue no longer lands on your fingers and the hairstyle is precise and secure."