Fidentia Premium hair fibers 10g
Fidentia Premium hair fibers 10g
Fidentia Premium hair fibers 10g
Fidentia Premium hair fibers 10g
Fidentia Premium hair fibers 10g
Fidentia Premium hair fibers 10g
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Fidentia Premium hair fibers 10g
Fidentia Premium hair fibers 10g

Fidentia Premium hair fibers 10g

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Stray hair for optical hair thickening

✓ Instantly makes thin appear thicker

✓ Simple and quick application

✓ Can also be used over a large area

✓ Consists of 99% cotton

✓ Cruelty Free & Vegan

Hair color:

Hair color


Dense, full hair with Fidentia Premium Stray Hair

With hair fibers carefree and (self-)confident through everyday life
There is now a simple remedy for fine and thinning hair (e.g. in the case of alopecia). With the absolutely compatible hair powder from Fidentia, you can conceal light, fine hair and effectively cover the parting, hairline and scalp that is shimmering through. It can be easily applied to the hair and makes it appear dense again.

Hair fibers help:

  • For light and fine hair, as it can be used anywhere where there is still natural hair.
  • For hair thickening during or after chemotherapy and hair transplantation.
  • For stress, diet-related, hormonal or age-related hair loss.
  • For androgenic alopecia and circular hair loss
  • To conceal a colored or gray hairline that is growing out.
  • to cover up thin whorls.
  • To cover up shine through scalp.

How hair fibers work:

The product consists of small vegetable fibers made from cotton. The colored cotton fibers are electrostatically charged in a complex process.

As a result, thousands and thousands of fibers can stick to your own hair like branches during use (image 2). As a result, the hair fibers adhere even in wind and rain. But to be on the safe side that the fibers will stick even under heavy use, we recommend our special fixing spray from Fidentia.

Fiber hair fibers are completely harmless and do not negatively affect hair loss, because unlike other types of hair thickening, no pressure is exerted on the hair roots. Hair fibers are therefore very gentle on the hair.

The special thing about Fidentia Premium hair fibers:

With regard to the use of hair thickeners, we are in close contact with customers and have developed our own hair fibers in accordance with many customer requests.

  • Does not negatively affect the hair situation.
  • Our hair fibers consist of natural and few ingredients to minimize the risk of allergies and have been dermatologically tested.
  • Sufficient for 3-4 weeks with daily use.
  • We offer 10 gram hair fiber tins for those who would like to explore the product.
  • For regular customers, we also offer a 40 gram refill pack, which is particularly cheap.

Choice of shade:

When in doubt, go for the darker shade.
If your hair has different shades and strands, you should choose the color of the hair conditioner according to the color of the hairline.
For blonde and gray hair, our Mane hair thickening spray is usually better than the hair fibers.
Combine blonde and gray hair fibers with a shade of brown for an even more natural result.

If you have any questions about color selection, you are welcome to send us a picture of your hair to We will then be happy to advise you on the choice of colour.